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Safety Sausages

                      Safety Sausages     Ok, you are out on the ocean enjoying a nice dive, you head to the surface and accidentally loose track of the anchor line. Upon surfacing you see the boat a 100 yards off in 4-foot seas but the current is pushing you away. I bet you damn well wish you had spent the twenty five dollars on a Safety Sausage. This is a necessity for anyone that dives off a boat. The Safety sausage easily blows up in under a minute and is worth every penny!   Safety Sausages is a compact full close orally inflated marker bag.  Safety sausages are commonly seen in drift diving but should be carried by all divers that are diving in warm waters.  Safety sausages allow the diver to be seen at a far great distance than just waving with your hand.  Most sausages also have a clear plastic holder in the top of the bag to insert a cyalume light stick.