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  Most inflator problems do not have to happen.  If the diver does a little maintenance on their inflator once in a while you will rarely have problems.  Most of the problems stem from corrosion on the insides of the inflator or a cut bladder.      Johns Quick Tip’s: Keep your BC Working  Ok this is a bold statement with the proper tools all BC problems can be fixed by the diver.  Follow the tips below and you will be good as new.   1. Inflator Rebuilds More dives are lost to this malfunction than most other things. The inflator is easy to rebuild if you have the proper tools.  You will need an inflator tool and some o-rings. There are four o-rings inside (2) 006 (1) 012 and (1) 112 plus one 011 on the inflator nipple.  The inflator is easily pulled out as an assembly, once it is out you need to hold the button and put a wrench on the back.  Then you take the center shaft out the two o-rings here are the culprits. Clean the corrosion off the shaft and body, put new o-rings on, lubricate and reassemble. Then of course test before you go back in the water.   2. Wing Punctures (Bladder Wings) This one can not be done at the dive site. You will need a BC Tool to remove the corrugated hose mounts on the wing.  Make sure before you do this that your wing has a bladder some wings are bladderless if this is the case just jump to the Aquaseal step. You will have to dissemble the overpressure relief. Once this is all done, pull the bladder out and reassemble it.  Now blow the wing up spray the wing with a bottle of water with a little dish detergent mixed in, this will help you find the leaks. Check carefully usually if the wing was pinched it has holes on both sides. Mark any holes with a permanent marker. Now deflate the bladder and lay it flat on a table. Get a scotchbrite pad and scuff up the area.  Remember you are just scuffing it up do not go crazy.  Once scuffed, just put a dab of Aquaseal on it.  If you do not know what Aquaseal is, shame on you what kind of diver are you! After this is done and the wing has dried for 24 hours inflate it and check for leaks again. If you do not have any reassemble the wing.