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Mixing Whips

Oxygen Blending Whips


  Blending Whips are used for adding oxygen to your scuba cylinders for mixing your own nitrox or trimix tanks.  Before you jump into oxygen blending make sure to read the Oxy Hacker Companion by Air Speed Press.  This one book will take away most of the mystery associated with oxygen blending.  The main page for this is   Follow the Oxy Hacker mixing procedures, they are in place to keep you safe.     Johns Quick Tip’s: Whip Differences We sell many different whips and can also custom make any whip that you would like.  The three whips show are the ones we keep in stock.    Ultimate Mixing Whip This whip gives you the ability to transfill between scuba cylinder and also the ability to decant oxygen and helium.  The whip also comes with an adapter to convert industrial oxygen bottles to female din, which is the same fitting as your scuba tank.   Deluxe Mixing Whip This whip allows you to decant oxygen and helium.  The whip does not allow you to transfill between scuba tanks and does not come with an adapter for the industrial oxygen tank. If you are trying to watch your budget this whip gives you full mixing capabilities while still be affordable.   Standard Mixing Whip This is the basic bare bones whip. This whip is used for decanting oxygen from an industrial cylinder to a stage bottle or rebreather tank.  You should not try mixing with this whip.  It is possible but your efforts will be rewarded with widely different mixes.  The reason behind this is the gauge they are just not accurate enough to fill with.  You could of course go with a large standard gauge but with digital gauges being only two hundred dollars why bother.