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Regulator Repair Service

Regulator Repair Service

Your regulator and safety our important to Northeast Scuba Supply. We understand that it is life support and will rebuild and maintain your regulator as if we were diving it. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 610.631.2288.


Things you should know before sending your regulator in.

  1. Service runs about 2 weeks.
  2. We service Most brands EXCEPT: Poseidon and Dacor
  3. Labor Runs $30.00 Per Stage - Parts are additional
  4. Please Note - Atomic and Sherwood SR regs are more money to service




All Regulators Receive the Following:
1. Receive your regulators from your shipper or in person.
2. Enter your regulators into the Northeast Scuba Supply service logs.
3. Remove your regulators from your packing and place them into a clean work bin.
4. Visually inspect all of your regulators, SPG and all hoses.
5. Perform initial bench test your regulator on the Northeast Scuba Supply flow bench to evaluate performance and to establish proper operation.
6. Diagram your regulator configuration prior to teardown to ensure proper reassembly.
7. Separate 1st stage, 2nd stage, SPG and all hoses from each other.
8. Inspect all hoses and hose O-rings.
9. Remove o-rings and clean hose ends as needed.
10. Replace any worn out hose-end O-rings.
11. Remove the boot from your SPG or console and inspect your SPG, swivel and hose.
12. Clean and replace SPG components as needed.
13. Fully disassemble your 1st stage regulator and Second Stages.

14. Regulator parts are then soaked in our Low Phosphate acid with surfactants. This ensures proper removal of corrosion.

15. Regulator is then washed in hot water and parts inspected prior to ultrasonic cleaning.

16. Completely clean all metal, plastic, rubber, and silicone 1st stage parts in an alkaline cleaning solution in our Ultrasonic Cleaner.
17. Carefully inspect your 2nd stage mouthpieces and your inhalation and exhalation diaphragms for any damage or wear.
18. Check your 2nd stage regulator body for any visible cracks.

19. Check your hoses for cracks or stressing, which may lead to a rupture
20. Clean all parts as best as possible for Oxygen service prior to reassembly
(Note: Some parts are not Oxygen compatible and may not be able to be rendered clean for Oxygen service. Whenever possible, all replacement parts will be Oxygen compatible.)
21. Assemble your 1st stage regulator using Oxygen compatible lubricant.
22. Assemble your 2nd stage regulator using Oxygen compatible lubricant.
23. Reassemble your complete regulator to match your initial configuration.
24. Thoroughly bench test your factory serviced regulator on the Northeast Scuba Supply Flow Bench and set both the Intermediate Pressure and the 2nd stage cracking pressure to manufacturer’s specifications, or to your specified custom settings.

25. Test first stage high-end flow on our Performance Bench.

26. Test Second stage high-end flow and breathing resistance on our Performance Bench.
27. Submerge your fully pressurized regulator underwater to check for any leaks.
28. Ensure all valves are properly seated and regulator is delivering gas.
29. Log your bench test results.
30. Complete your Service sheet so you will know what was done to your regulator.


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