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Filling Adapters

Whip Adapters


  There are many pieces used for making adapters for scuba applications.  Below are just a few of the ones we supply.  We can make an adapter for pretty much anything you might need. Please contact us at 610-631-2288 if you are trying to figure away to make something work.  We have many ideas that might just work out.      Johns Tip’s: Teflon Taping Parts Teflon tape is not for sealing, yeah I said it what you gone to do about it!  Follow my train of thought here Teflon tape is guess what Teflon.  The Teflon tape is used to make the parts go together smooth. They actually seal by the metal parts coming in tight contact with each other. Teflon tape needs to be wrapped the same direction that the part is being screwed in.  You only need one and half to two wraps no more.  If the part does not seal with that amount check the threads for foreign material.    Stainless Steel Additional Tips If you are putting together two stainless steel parts you have to be sure to watch for galling. Stainless steel heats up quick when you put it together and the parts will lock up before the seal is complete.  If it is a bad case you might not even be able to get the two parts apart.  To avoid having this happen, run a tap “lightly” in the female side of the fitting. Then Teflon tape, after you Teflon tape it run a light bead of christo lube on the starting couple of threads. Then slowly tighten the parts.