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Handheld Main Lights - 800 lumens or Greater

Handheld (Higher Lumens Smaller Size)     LED is the newest technology out there in lighting.  The lights have incredible brightness and long burn times.  There are many different options out there in LED lights.  There are ones that mount via clip on the back, some mount on a mask and other have slide in Goodman handles. 


   Johns Quick Tip’s: Light Maintenance     LED Lights are robust pieces of equipment but that does not mean you do not take care of them.  If you follow the simple pieces of advice below your lights will last you for years to come.    1. Battery O-ring Always check the o-ring on the battery area.  This might seem trivial but a little piece of foreign material can turn your light into a water holding device.  Use a tee shirt, makeup sponges or anything that does not leave lint to clean the o-ring.  Do not use Q-tips as they will leave foreign material on the gasket.   2. Remove the Battery for Extended Storage Ok, I know this seems like a big, duh but how many people do this?  If you are not using it for a while pull the battery.  If the battery goes bad inside you will be buying a new light it will make me happy and you sad.   3. Corrosion Inside – Stop it before it starts There is a handy little grease available at auto parts stores called Dielectric Grease.  The grease is made to conduct electricity but also protect the metals.  A little bit (notice I said a little bit) on the contacts and your lights and other electrical items will last a long time.