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Gorski Diving Helmets

Gorski Diving Helmets



The latest version of the legendary “Gorski Hat”, the G3000SS Diving Helmet from Aqua Lung offers high levels of performance, quality, and functionality.

Apeks GX300 Regulator
• Modern, state-of-the-art regulator
• Balanced design with double exhaust
• High strength composite materials
• Exceptional breathing performance
• Suitable for all depths & work rates
• Breathing loop fully protected inside shell
• Side-mount shields against frontal impact
• Retrofits to all existing Gorski helmets

Apeks GX300 Regulator
• Field conversion from demand to free flow mode

Key Helmet Features
• Excellent field of view
• Robust, durable and reliable
• Stainless steel 316L throughout
• Superior corrosion & electrolysis resistance
• Reinforced face plate retention system
• Ideal helmet position and balance when worn
• Low component count reduces inventory & simplifies service

Communications System
• High quality OTS comms are water and rustproof
• Simplified layout for switching between 2 and 4-wire configuration

Bailout Switch Block Available
• Optional harness-mounted switchover valve
• See separate datasheet for product details

GX300 Balanced Regulator
designed and built by Apeks

400300: G3000SS HELMET, w/ 2-Wire Comms
400301: G3000SS HELMET, w/ 4-Wire Comms (Hi-Use)
400302: G3000SS HELMET, w/ 4-Wire Comms (Marsh Marine)
400102: Welding Shield Kit
400107: Mounting Bracket, Light/Camera
400108: Annual Service Kit
400111: Double Exhaust Kit
AP0281/G: Switch Block G3000SS Helmet version

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